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Joyshop turns 5 — free album download

To celebrate our fifth year of singing, playing, dancing, shouting, jumping, drinking, writing, recording and performing for you clowns (see above), we want to give you a present. [FREE ALBUM]

Follow the link above to get a totally free copy of our debut album, Casual Sincerity. Go on, you've earned it for putting up with our nonsense.

Lots of love to you — we like you very much,

Little bit of love // Summer 2013

We don't play many weddings, but when we do, they look like this gorgeous day in Taunton. Congratulations, Georgie and Tom, you gorgeous specimens. [FULL VIDEO]

Gig with an orchestra — London // 14 March

Get down to the insanely trendy Tooting Tram and Social on Thursday 14 March to hear us along with Dems, Alaska and a 25-piece orchestra. And a choir. It's going to be ridiculous. [TICKETS] [EVENT]

Fables featured on iTunes // January 2013

The crazy moment when you see your album alongside your idols. Get it on iTunes now!

You can also watch the trailer and get bags of bonus content. Go nuts.


Get your fill of Joyshop, treat yourself to a preview of our new album which has just been released on iTunes. But don't mind us; make yourself at home.

You like?


Get your ears on our musics:

Buy Casual Sincerity Buy Faith & Privilege Fables Preview

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