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Brick by Brick


Well brick by brick I’ll build you up ‘til you can see the sky
For far beyond the garden’s hedge there lies a land of endless mystery
And step by step I’ll lead you out so you can drink the air
The sweetest thing you ever tasted, testing all your senses ‘til they tear

And we’ll grow brick by brick

Well tick by tick the hours pass imposters on the sand
And our eyes of watching faces contemplate their fortunes second hand
As inch by inch we edge towards the corners of our map
I’ll pinch myself repeatedly doubting that I lost nothing I lack

And we’ll grow brick by brick

Yes we’ll grow brick by brick
And we’ll go inch by inch
Let the time pass tick by tick
Fill the cup drip by drip

Well drip by drip you fill me up ‘til I am at the brim
A paper cup of promises, a tonic that I temper with my gin
Fin by fin we’ll swim away and tell ‘em all our tale
Of how we conquered hurricanes and rode upon a cursed killer whale

‘Cos we’ll grow,
Yes we’ll grow,
Yes we’ll grow brick by brick