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The Gossamer Tree

Goodbye Maggie it is time to leave
To rid this cottage of your spectral form
And I won’t be happy ‘til I hear that you’re free
To fly through forests that are free from my scorn

Farewell phantom it is time to depart
Your haunting presence brings chills to the room
And I can’t quite fathom how your old broken heart
Can function freely when you’re far from your tomb

So go to the gossamer tree
To make your home in its old woven dreams
Calm like a bright souvenir
A spindled web with silvery limbs reappears

Apparition you must now turn the page
A paper package will wilt with no strings
While I’ve heard it spoken that the world is a stage
The part you’re playing is confined to the wings


So go to the gossamer tree
Go to the gossamer tree
Go to the gossamer tree