Joyshop have been gigging since 2008 and are generously described as 'thoughtful', 'fresh' and 'clever people music'. They have released 3 albums in 3 years and appeared on the same bill as Two Door Cinema Club, Patch William and Kelis.

With influences evident from Belle and Sebastian to Rufus Wainwright and Leonard Cohen to Avishai Cohen, Joyshop's music is refreshingly varied. An earthy quintet is held together by the soft voiced harmonies of their girl-boy vocals and audiences are sure to be charmed by their lyrical vitality and musical poise.

"Joyshop’s third album is laden with memorable hooks and clever harmonies" - iTunes Editorial Team


Guitar + Vocals — Tom McNeill
Violin + Vocals — Beth Winter
Keyboard — Nick Pike
Double Bass — Tim Firmston-Williams
Drums — Elliot Sefton-Nash




Towards Failand over the fields - HIRES.jpg
Joshop Fables 268px.jpg



Arriving at Cygnet Cottage we had no idea what sort of album we were going to make. These songs grew from a long list of potential titles and a desire to write and record 10 tracks in 5 days. It was an intense week and Fables is the result. We feel privileged to have the opportunity to write music like this with each other. Our thanks goes to friends, family and you for supporting us. These songs are for you.


Check out the full Joyshop back catalogue on Spotify by clicking an album cover below (also available on Deezer, Amazon and Google Play). Limited physical copies of Fables are available by getting in contact.